Quality is at the center of everything we do and our technicians are very exigent, ensuring the 100% performance of each part we ship. That means we scrutinize, test and control every single item destined for export.

New products and suppliers are regularly tested to ensure we source from only the best and all customer input is taken into account and implemented. When it comes to your business we leave no room for error. Each screen is exhaustively tested for Touch panel and LCD functionality, checked for micro dust and micro dots and is test fit into the mid-chassis to ensure installation is flawless. Flex cables are painstakingly assembled with small adhesives and foam inserts, as well as individually tested.

We believe in using the right tools for the job and have invested in professional testing and assembly equipment including battery capacity testing equipment, specialized screen testing equipment and more.


We are more than a parts company; we are a solutions provider invested in helping mobile repair organizations grow their businesses. We are specialised in high quality replacement parts for any type of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, ipads, tablets and laptops with competitive prices and fastest delivery Worldwide.

In today’s global marketplace, there are several options available to find repair components – the challenge is in finding high quality, reliable parts that are consistently available – and that you can trust. We do the research and groundwork for you, navigating through countless factories in China, cutting out the superfluous noise and providing the ideal parts that are focused on maintaining the optimal balance between quality and cost. We deliver value for money. In the end, these initiatives help to keep your margins higher, returns lower and most importantly, reduce the time you spend hunting for parts so that you can spend your efforts on more revenue-bearing activity.

We don’t have customers; we have partners. Our growth is predicated on your success. That’s why we invest our profits right back into our business and continually expand into new product and service categories to add value to our relationship. More than just parts, also check our excellent customer service support, technical consultation and more!

If your business requires mobile, Ipad and tablet parts on a regular basis, please contact us and we are more than happy to give you the best-discounted VALUE.