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Speaking about Nits.

The Nits are a unit of measurement of luminance or the intensity of visible light. One Nit is equal to one candela (cd) per square meter. The Nits describe how intense is the brightness of one LCD.






Levels of Quality (iPhone)

  • Levels of Quality: Different levels of quality doesn’t mean worse product or higher defective rate. Just means levels of performance as Brightness, view angle, etc… Our levels of quality have a brightness range which goes from 300 nits to nearly 600.
  • We adapt to your requirements: Every customer has a different kind of clients. We adapt to your demand offering several brands of LCDs and levels of prices.
  • Panels: We always work with the best factories and the best reputed panels in the market. The panels we use are (depending on the customer requirements): Shenchao (best price with reasonable quality), Tianma (High Quality with a reasonable price) and AUO (the Best Quality with values very close to original).
  • Response time: Our delivery time is generally under 7 working days, it depends on the availability of the models ordered. And the courier time between 3 and 7 working days.




Huawei / Honor

In our catalogue you can choose LCDs for almost all models of brands like Huawei/Honor with AAA+ quality..

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Do you have problems to find spare parts for brands like BQ? Don’t worry, with us it won’t be a headache never again.

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Do you need LCDs for Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi… Take a look to our Brands page.