We have a great quantity of different models which will adapt to any professional requirement.


Portable digital multimeters with a high accuracy and big range of measurement AC/DC.

Tweezers & Pliers

Stainless Steel professional tweezers with different sizes and shapes to adapt to any situation.

LCD screen separators

Powerful and professional machine to separate LCD with big security measures. It allows you heat more than 100ºC but it is highly recommended not to use more than 110ºC to not damage the mobile components.

Desoldering Hot Air guns

All the brands we distribute are prestigious brands with machines of high power and accuracy.

Insulation Magnetic pads

High temperature resistant with magnetic grooves working pad. Able to support up to 500ºC.

Soldering stations

Go beyond. Soldering station 3 in 1. Soldering machine with LED light and smoke absorber.

LCD Lamination machines

Our specialized machines search the perfection to offer you an efficient and profitable work.

Bubble removers

The perfect mate for the lamination machine.

Tool kits

The kits are the best solution to have everything you need organized and to not forget anything when you most need it.

Soldering Flux paste / Adhesives

Excellent quality flux soldering paste and different bottle sizes. 

Also double side strong adhesives.

Magnifying lamps

The most delicate jobs require micro metric precision. The magnifying lamp will help you to develop the most accurate works.